Cooling Water Technology

Our cooling treatment programs provide the most up-to-date technologies to control corrosion and deposition in your cooling tower and chilled water system.

We offer a complete line of biocides to help you prevent fouling, corrosion, deposition and diseases associated with microorganisms (i.e. legionellosis)

Call us today to review your microbiological control program to make sure it complies with recommendations from OSHA, ASHRAE and the Cooling Tower Institute.
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A formulation designed to remove mineral deposits, iron and particulate matter without excessively increasing corrosion rates like mineral acid based descaling compounds.
An organically formulated treatment which places a corrosion inhibitory film on the metal surface that will help protect the system and reduce "iron throw" at spring start-up.
Descaler SSC-6126

True Chem, Inc.

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